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Trick to Keep Your Floors and House Cleaner


My name is Michael and I’ve been in the housekeeping business for 26 years. I teach pros the tricks of the trade. My tips are for teaching purposes only. Hope this helps.

Customers often complain that their floors gets dirty “way to fast”. I always recommend they (and you) use a quality “walk off mat” commonly known as a “rug” to capture up to 80% of the dirt that is tracked into your house.

Use a rug that allows as many foot falls as is reasonable. 4 foot falls is a good start, but if you can’t work in that size rug, then use a rug outside the door and a rug inside. Make sure every entrance is covered by a rug. Keep those rugs CLEAN. (little known fact: a rug can hold “and hide” it own weight in dirt) so clean it often. Periodically turn the rug upside down and vacuum across the back of the rug with the vacuum beater bar. You will shake the dirt out that has escaped deep into the rug. Then, vacuum up the dirt you have dislodged, and place the rug back in it spot.

Want to see a professional dirt collection system in place? Well, slow down when you enter a Sams Club, Walmart, or other retailer, and notice how they have set up their entrances to trap dirt before it gets into the store. It’s a LOT EASIER to clean a small entrance than a whole store.

What’s Hiding In Your Cleaning Products?

Proper Time for House Cleaning


My disclosure: Hi, I’m Michael and I’ve been in the cleaning business for 26 years. I teach professionals how to clean. Here are my tips.

Many clients still cling to the “Spring Cleaning” concept, but when we examine the purpose of house cleaning, it gives pause for thought.

Our homes used to be heated by wood and/or coal, both very dirty fuels. So when weather permitted (SPRING), house cleaning became a major issue; and with the dirty fuels, everything on the inside of the house needed a good scrubbing and airing out.

But, with modern clean heat systems, we no longer need SPRING cleaning. We need FALL cleaning, and here’s why.

As soon as nice weather permits, windows fly open, doors fly open and the outdoors comes inside as pollen, dust, and mold spores. So Fall is now the proper time to CLEAN the house for Winter, when doors and windows will remain shut.

Hope this helps!