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How to Minimize Mold in Your Home

It is that time of year when mold spores are going crazy.

So here are some common practices you can implement to minimize mold in your home.

Screen in the back porch, so when you feel the urge to throw open the windows and let in that fresh air, DON’T.  Instead, go outside on the porch.  When you open the windows, you bring millions of mold spores into your home.

What else can you do?  Dehumidify your home to 45% humidity.  It is much harder for mold to grow in low humidity settings.

Quality Cleaning Service

What should customers know about a quality cleaning service?

To start with, there is no such thing as a “perfect” cleaning.  No matter who does the cleaning, if one looks hard enough, long enough… he/she will find a mistake.

There are differences in the way a professional cleans your house vs you.  A professional is not only looking for dirt, but is also looking for ways to make areas less “germy”.  For example, more people get sick from “the kitchen” and not the bathroom.

When the kids come home, when you come home, what is the first place you or they go?   Kitchen, and what surfaces get contaminated, touched, handled;  refrigerator, microwave, fork, spoon, cabinet pulls, drawer handles, sink, faucet, countertop, plate, glass, etc.

So, professional cleaners are trained to put as much emphasis, on kitchen cleaning as bathroom cleaning.