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How to Help Your Housekeeper Clean Their Best

After 31 years in the cleaning business, I have conceded that a person simply CANNOT pick-up and clean-up at the same time.  That is why I always ask citizens of Asheville and Hendersonville to please remove as much clutter as possible; go through last weeks mail and sort, pay, and trash it; if the kids left all their clothes on the floor, ask them to pick them up and either fold/store, hang them up, or launder them; pick up and store pet food and pet toys, children’s toys, excessive nic-nacs and pictures until we leave. Our goal is to do the very best cleaning we can for you, and your kind understanding is always appreciated.

As an aside, my wife, even after 31 years tells me to “clean up the house, the housekeeper is coming tomorrow”.  Now, I know she is not asking me to “CLEAN”, she is politely telling me to put my “stuff back where it belongs”, so our housekeepers can do their job.

I still enjoy the house cleaning business and like you, enjoy seeing a job well done!