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How to Minimize Mold in Your Home

It is that time of year when mold spores are going crazy.

So here are some common practices you can implement to minimize mold in your home.

Screen in the back porch, so when you feel the urge to throw open the windows and let in that fresh air, DON’T.  Instead, go outside on the porch.  When you open the windows, you bring millions of mold spores into your home.

What else can you do?  Dehumidify your home to 45% humidity.  It is much harder for mold to grow in low humidity settings.

Quality Cleaning Service

What should customers know about a quality cleaning service?

To start with, there is no such thing as a “perfect” cleaning.  No matter who does the cleaning, if one looks hard enough, long enough… he/she will find a mistake.

There are differences in the way a professional cleans your house vs you.  A professional is not only looking for dirt, but is also looking for ways to make areas less “germy”.  For example, more people get sick from “the kitchen” and not the bathroom.

When the kids come home, when you come home, what is the first place you or they go?   Kitchen, and what surfaces get contaminated, touched, handled;  refrigerator, microwave, fork, spoon, cabinet pulls, drawer handles, sink, faucet, countertop, plate, glass, etc.

So, professional cleaners are trained to put as much emphasis, on kitchen cleaning as bathroom cleaning.

Is Household and Office Mold Affecting Your Skin?

Most of the time, mold is a naturally-occurring growth in the environment that does little harm to humans.

We throw out moldy bread and scrub mold when it appears, but often, mold spores may exist that are not visible to the naked eye.

However, there are a few people whose health can be affected by exposure to mold. Some people may be particularly sensitive or allergic to mold.

In other cases, people who have a suppressed immune system due to conditions like being HIV-positive, having had an organ transplant or
being on certain types of medication might be susceptible to mold.

In some cases, mold can grow on the skin. Most people have heard of athlete’s foot. This is a bacterial or fungal infection, but mold can complicate it. There are other types of skin infections, including some kinds of eczema, that are caused by mold. Mold can also enter the
lymph glands and, on occasion, may affect other parts of the body in an immunocompromised individual.

Fortunately, mold in the environment can be controlled with substances such as vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

Trick to Keep Your Floors and House Cleaner


My name is Michael and I’ve been in the housekeeping business for 26 years. I teach pros the tricks of the trade. My tips are for teaching purposes only. Hope this helps.

Customers often complain that their floors gets dirty “way to fast”. I always recommend they (and you) use a quality “walk off mat” commonly known as a “rug” to capture up to 80% of the dirt that is tracked into your house.

Use a rug that allows as many foot falls as is reasonable. 4 foot falls is a good start, but if you can’t work in that size rug, then use a rug outside the door and a rug inside. Make sure every entrance is covered by a rug. Keep those rugs CLEAN. (little known fact: a rug can hold “and hide” it own weight in dirt) so clean it often. Periodically turn the rug upside down and vacuum across the back of the rug with the vacuum beater bar. You will shake the dirt out that has escaped deep into the rug. Then, vacuum up the dirt you have dislodged, and place the rug back in it spot.

Want to see a professional dirt collection system in place? Well, slow down when you enter a Sams Club, Walmart, or other retailer, and notice how they have set up their entrances to trap dirt before it gets into the store. It’s a LOT EASIER to clean a small entrance than a whole store.

Proper Time for House Cleaning


My disclosure: Hi, I’m Michael and I’ve been in the cleaning business for 26 years. I teach professionals how to clean. Here are my tips.

Many clients still cling to the “Spring Cleaning” concept, but when we examine the purpose of house cleaning, it gives pause for thought.

Our homes used to be heated by wood and/or coal, both very dirty fuels. So when weather permitted (SPRING), house cleaning became a major issue; and with the dirty fuels, everything on the inside of the house needed a good scrubbing and airing out.

But, with modern clean heat systems, we no longer need SPRING cleaning. We need FALL cleaning, and here’s why.

As soon as nice weather permits, windows fly open, doors fly open and the outdoors comes inside as pollen, dust, and mold spores. So Fall is now the proper time to CLEAN the house for Winter, when doors and windows will remain shut.

Hope this helps!

Great rug cleaning tip

My Disclaimer: I am Michael. I’ve been in the cleaning industry for 26 years. My tips are for educational purposes only. These are tips and techniques that we, the professionals use.

A rug can hold it’s own weight in dirt!!! Regular cleaning is better than “heroic” measures, but sometimes, the rug just has so much dirt in the fiber that your vacuum will no longer pick it up. SO, …………


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5 GREAT TIPS from the PROS

(Asheville/Hendersonville/Johnson City)


My Disclaimer: These are things I have TAUGHT for the last 26 years. Hope it helps.

PROFESSIONALS are TAUGHT that little changes save big time. For example, if you use a 50′ 16 gauge cord on your vacuum. you can cut 20% off vacuuming time. So here are 5 GREAT TIPS anyone can use to make their cleaning more efficient.

  1. Obviously the first tip is, borrow a 50′ cord from the garage and plug into the center of the house. Now you can vacuum from one end of the house to the other end without changing your plug in spot. Have a 2 story house? Do the same thing in the center of your 2nd story.Professionals use a term called “flyback”. When you dust shelves (for example) , the towel does not capture all the dust. Some of it “flies back” onto a lower shelf. Most cleaners attempt to capture all dust and debris in the towel and this is really time consuming. NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT try to capture everything in a towel. Let most of the dust/debris fall on the floor….we’ll deal with that in a minute.
  2. Identify a starting spot in each room and work LEFT TO RIGHT
  4. BACK TO FRONT (as in…from back of the shelf to front of shelf) and make only 1 trip around the room. Why left to right? Great question. 90% of people are RIGHT Hand Dominant in the US. I really don’t care if you work RIGHT TO LEFT or LEFT TO RIGHT, but professionals are TAUGHT to put their BEST worker out front. SO if you are RIGHT dominant, face the wall and work to your right, cleaning from as high as you can reach, all the way down to the baseboard. Now take a step to the RIGHT and do it again. Remember, 1 trip around the room and put most of the dust/debris on the floor.
  5. So, you’ve worked around each room, and if you have worked the program correctly, most of the dust/debris fell to the floor. PERFECT! Now your life is going to get very uncomplicated; vacuum and mop the floor.In homes, vacuuming and mopping can account for 50% of the cleaning time. So, think about it……’re going to vacuum and mop anyway. Why try to meticulously capture every particle of dust in a towel (time consuming) when you can “put it on the floor” and take care of it easily with your vacuum and mop?

Hope this helps!

Top 5 Tips on Modern Spring Cleaning

(Hendersonville / Asheville)


Who has the time, or the desire to do the old fashioned spring

cleaning? The good news is, thanks to cleaner heating and better filtration, homes no longer

need this degree of scrubbing. So, let’s look at “modern Spring Cleaning”!

1) clean dingy light globes in the dishwasher; handwash delicate glass globes in the sink

2) clean STAINLESS MESH filter hood screens in the dishwasher (NOTE!!!! never put charcoal vent filters in dishwasher, replace these filters)

3) shake that drape then vacuum with upholstery tool

4) clean carpet and rugs professionally and regularly

5) vapor clean the mattress and vac to freshen mattress and kill dust mites

Now here are some little known homeowner facts:

  • Regular vacuuming is more important than interim deep cleaning
  • Cleaning for APPEARANCE removes visible soil; Cleaning for HEALTH removes micro and bio contaminates
  • Carpet can hold it’s own weight in hidden dirt
  • Vacuuming is 3x more effective cleaning hardwood than dustmopping
  • A human hair is 70 microns; Pollen 20 microns; below 20 microns is invisible to us

Hope this helps!

EMPLOYEE or 1099 – You Must Know the Difference


(Hendersonville / Asheville)

DISCLAIMER: My 26 years of experience says, there are quality individual housekeepers out there. I should know…….I’ve trained some of them. However, this message strictly addresses the ramifications of 1099 vs employee, and not the quality of work!

Everyone knows that the IRS does not mess around when it comes to “the money”, and this year, one focus of their scrutiny is the cleaning industry. So let’s just jump into this mess! remember….If it looks like a DUCK, walks like a DUCK, Quacks like a DUCK,….it’s a DUCK!

1099 Example: you hire a plumber to fix a leaky water line in your home…….1099. Why?? Simple.. plumber tells you when they will arrive, brings his / her own tools, has own general liability insurance, workers comp insurance, assesses the problem, gets the correct parts, takes a lunch break, fixes the problem, cleans up (hopefully), gives you a bill, takes another break (just a little plumber humor), leaves. 1099 (you contributed nothing except payment)……..1099, Your tax obligation is zero -0-. You contracted a professional service.

W-2 Example: you hire an individual housekeeper to clean your home……part-time employee. Why! You control the day they come? You control the time? (but I gave them a key….ok, so if you gave a key, you can also take key back, you control…see duck quote above); You control the work area; You control the acceptable quality of work; You control the chemicals to use (but they bring their own chemicals…..ok, and you’ve never said….use my Murphy’s on the floor…duck quote above); You control the tools to use (use my vacuum, use my towels, use my duster….duck quote above). If they have their own workers comp and general liability, that is huge and helps tip the scale to 1099)…….. but WITHOUT insurance and control, This is definitely your EMPLOYEE.


If you deal with a business: the business carries the insurance and the employees belong to them

If you hire A housekeeper: this is YOUR EMPLOYEE. YOU are required by IRS to pay all employer taxes and file all required monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports (remember duck quote).

Hope this helps!

5 MUSTS when hiring an individual housekeeper

I do not recommend that you hire an individual housekeeper, but if you do, I am going to give you my 5 MUSTS. These are the same steps that we use to professionally screen potential employees and apprentices.

#1) Get a completed application.

#2) Get a COPY (don’t just write it down) of the Drivers License and Social Security card.

#3) When you get that completed application, CALL the references and make notes.

#4) Run a Complete BACKGROUND check.

#5) Get copy of their Workers Comp insurance and General Liability Insurance as well as their agent’s contact information.

Michael Wells
Director Of Marketing and Sales