Back to School Tips that is Non-Toxic and Safe

written by: swapnamanoj

Non-toxic and safe back to school tips:

  • Cut down the use of harsh disinfectants at home: We all know there is a widespread use of harsh disinfectants at school classrooms. Though, you as a parent cannot prevent your child’s exposure to these harsh chemicals at schools, at least you can help your child by cutting down the use of such disinfectants at home, thus limiting the exposure to these chemicals. Harmful chemicals that go into making these disinfectants are prone to cause severe health issues ranging from skin, and eye irritations, respiratory ailments, hormonal imbalances, affecting the immune system and reducing fertility in the long run.
  • Use safe hand sanitizers: Washrooms in schools usually use soaps containing anti-bacterial agents like Triclosan and Ammonium Quaternary Compounds (Quats). Triclosan is a very popular anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. Triclosan is known to cause hormone disruptions, and also increases the risk of certain cancers like breast cancer. Quats on the other hand is prone to cause birth defects, infertility and even occupational asthma. Hand sanitizers with alcohol are not toxic, but most schools prefer not to use them. It is advisable to go for hand wipes or hand sanitizers from CleanWell, since they contain natural ingredients like thyme oil, which is a healthier choice to harsh chemical anti-bacterial lotions.
  • Go for PVC free Supplies for school: PVC is extensively used in school supplies like lunchboxes, files, clear bags, backpacks and organizers. PVC is also known as poison plastic and constant exposure to it can cause cancer, hormone imbalances, and can also damage your immune system. A PVC product can be identified by the number 3 recycling symbol. It is ideal to use products made from safe materials like cloth, paper, cardboard and wood. Choose metal or cloth lunchboxes, organizers made from paper, wood and cardboard.
  • Use BPA free re-usable water bottles: BPA is a harsh chemical used for hardening plastic products. BPA is known to cause cancer of the breast or prostate, early puberty and also genital malformations. One can prevent the harmful effects of BPA on our body by avoiding plastic bottles. Only go for bottles that are made from stainless steel or BPA free plastic bottles for kids at school.
  • Avoid Scented Markers and Pens: Fragrance found in these products are made from harsh chemicals and are highly toxic. Harsh toxic chemicals like phthalates found in fragrances are linked to infertility, asthma, increased risk of allergies, slow body development and reproductive malformation in boys. You can go for unscented markers, recycled pens and crayons made from beeswax or soy.

Just by following the above safe and non-toxic back to school tips for your children you can prevent your child’s exposure to harsh and harmful chemicals from the very young age.

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