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How to Minimize Mold in Your Home

It is that time of year when mold spores are going crazy.

So here are some common practices you can implement to minimize mold in your home.

Screen in the back porch, so when you feel the urge to throw open the windows and let in that fresh air, DON’T.  Instead, go outside on the porch.  When you open the windows, you bring millions of mold spores into your home.

What else can you do?  Dehumidify your home to 45% humidity.  It is much harder for mold to grow in low humidity settings.

Proper Time for House Cleaning


My disclosure: Hi, I’m Michael and I’ve been in the cleaning business for 26 years. I teach professionals how to clean. Here are my tips.

Many clients still cling to the “Spring Cleaning” concept, but when we examine the purpose of house cleaning, it gives pause for thought.

Our homes used to be heated by wood and/or coal, both very dirty fuels. So when weather permitted (SPRING), house cleaning became a major issue; and with the dirty fuels, everything on the inside of the house needed a good scrubbing and airing out.

But, with modern clean heat systems, we no longer need SPRING cleaning. We need FALL cleaning, and here’s why.

As soon as nice weather permits, windows fly open, doors fly open and the outdoors comes inside as pollen, dust, and mold spores. So Fall is now the proper time to CLEAN the house for Winter, when doors and windows will remain shut.

Hope this helps!

Great rug cleaning tip

My Disclaimer: I am Michael. I’ve been in the cleaning industry for 26 years. My tips are for educational purposes only. These are tips and techniques that we, the professionals use.

A rug can hold it’s own weight in dirt!!! Regular cleaning is better than “heroic” measures, but sometimes, the rug just has so much dirt in the fiber that your vacuum will no longer pick it up. SO, …………


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5 GREAT TIPS from the PROS

(Asheville/Hendersonville/Johnson City)


My Disclaimer: These are things I have TAUGHT for the last 26 years. Hope it helps.

PROFESSIONALS are TAUGHT that little changes save big time. For example, if you use a 50′ 16 gauge cord on your vacuum. you can cut 20% off vacuuming time. So here are 5 GREAT TIPS anyone can use to make their cleaning more efficient.

  1. Obviously the first tip is, borrow a 50′ cord from the garage and plug into the center of the house. Now you can vacuum from one end of the house to the other end without changing your plug in spot. Have a 2 story house? Do the same thing in the center of your 2nd story.Professionals use a term called “flyback”. When you dust shelves (for example) , the towel does not capture all the dust. Some of it “flies back” onto a lower shelf. Most cleaners attempt to capture all dust and debris in the towel and this is really time consuming. NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT try to capture everything in a towel. Let most of the dust/debris fall on the floor….we’ll deal with that in a minute.
  2. Identify a starting spot in each room and work LEFT TO RIGHT
  4. BACK TO FRONT (as in…from back of the shelf to front of shelf) and make only 1 trip around the room. Why left to right? Great question. 90% of people are RIGHT Hand Dominant in the US. I really don’t care if you work RIGHT TO LEFT or LEFT TO RIGHT, but professionals are TAUGHT to put their BEST worker out front. SO if you are RIGHT dominant, face the wall and work to your right, cleaning from as high as you can reach, all the way down to the baseboard. Now take a step to the RIGHT and do it again. Remember, 1 trip around the room and put most of the dust/debris on the floor.
  5. So, you’ve worked around each room, and if you have worked the program correctly, most of the dust/debris fell to the floor. PERFECT! Now your life is going to get very uncomplicated; vacuum and mop the floor.In homes, vacuuming and mopping can account for 50% of the cleaning time. So, think about it……’re going to vacuum and mop anyway. Why try to meticulously capture every particle of dust in a towel (time consuming) when you can “put it on the floor” and take care of it easily with your vacuum and mop?

Hope this helps!

Top 5 Tips on Modern Spring Cleaning

(Hendersonville / Asheville)


Who has the time, or the desire to do the old fashioned spring

cleaning? The good news is, thanks to cleaner heating and better filtration, homes no longer

need this degree of scrubbing. So, let’s look at “modern Spring Cleaning”!

1) clean dingy light globes in the dishwasher; handwash delicate glass globes in the sink

2) clean STAINLESS MESH filter hood screens in the dishwasher (NOTE!!!! never put charcoal vent filters in dishwasher, replace these filters)

3) shake that drape then vacuum with upholstery tool

4) clean carpet and rugs professionally and regularly

5) vapor clean the mattress and vac to freshen mattress and kill dust mites

Now here are some little known homeowner facts:

  • Regular vacuuming is more important than interim deep cleaning
  • Cleaning for APPEARANCE removes visible soil; Cleaning for HEALTH removes micro and bio contaminates
  • Carpet can hold it’s own weight in hidden dirt
  • Vacuuming is 3x more effective cleaning hardwood than dustmopping
  • A human hair is 70 microns; Pollen 20 microns; below 20 microns is invisible to us

Hope this helps!


Mold growth commonly occurs in your bathroom, particularly on the grout or caulking around your shower. Mold removal is not easy, and while there are some products on the market that remove mold without the use of harsh chemicals, most people still mistakenly reach for the bleach.

The inherent problem with using bleach is that bleach most often does NOT kill mold. It does however do a fantastic job of bleaching mold white, so that it blends right in with your grout and caulk. Just because it has a new color doesn’t mean it’s still not there growing. Steam cleaners actually kill mold. The high temperatures kill mold while the bristles of brush attachments can help remove it from cracks and hard to reach places. And, because steam actually penetrates the pores of the surface you are cleaning, it cleans deep to kill and remove mold, instead of just bleaching the surface.

If you are not familiar with steam cleaning, the concept of cleaning with just water and heat may seem a bit strange, but the use of a quality steam cleaner is a great way for your health.

Pro Tips on How to Clean Your Home the Right way

Worried About Stains Ruining Your Holiday? Here Are Your Solutions!

written by: mwaita2001

Picture this; you are having the time of your life as you enjoy every moment at the party, when all over sudden you trip, or somebody bumps into you making you spill on your favorite party attire. Your once perfect reindeer pants are completely stained.

Not only are your clothes ruined, but you also turn from being the life of the party into a sulky and gloomy person. Don’t worry though, a stain should not ruin your fun, or make you miserable. With the following stain removal tricks, you will be able to handle any type of stain easily and conveniently.

Strain Pre-treater (remover)

A mixture of 2 portions of hydrogen peroxide to 1 part soap dish will provide you with a handy stain remover. With this solution, you will be able to treat the stain instantly and on site.

In case the stain proves difficult, you may soak the stained garment in water mixed with OXY Clean (Oxygen powder) for about one hour or overnight. Come the next morning, the stain will be all gone. However, it might take a number of washes to completely get rid of a stubborn stain. Unlike bleaches containing chlorine, oxygen powder is quite safe and effective on the fabric. Nonetheless, you should always take caution when removing stains from colored fabric.

Cranberry Sauce Stain Removal

Most of us just love cranberry sauce. Its rich content, red color and deliciousness simply drives our taste buds wild. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of cranberry stain. It is quite hard to remove a stain caused by the sauce. The process of removing the stain is as follows:


Start by rinsing the fabric in cold water. Hot water makes the stain adhere more to the fabric and this is the last thing you want to happen. Mix one teaspoon of liquid detergent used for laundry, one teaspoon of white vinegar and some cold water. Soak the garment for about 15 minutes. Later on, rinse with cold water.

Alternatively, you may also use laundry products made from enzymes. The products include Pink solution, or Oxiclean. Using a sponge soaked in rubbing alcohol can also be applied on the stain. But, you should thoroughly rinse the fabric before final washing.


Mix one cup of rubbing alcohol, and one tablespoon white vinegar. Sponge the stain with the alcohol-vinegar solution using a white clean piece of cloth. Blot the stained area until all liquid is absorbed. Repeat the process over and over until the blemish disappears. Once the stain is gone, dip a clean cloth in cold water and clean the area. Blot the region till it dries.


You can make a carpet stain removal solution by mixing two cups cold water with one-tablespoon dish washing soap. Sponge the area with the solution using a clean white piece of cloth. Blot the stains area till it dries. Repeat the process until the stain is completely removed. Finally, sponge the area with cold water to remove the stain removal solution and dry the area by blotting with a clean cloth. You may also use enzyme pretreater such as Pink solution or Oxiclean to remove remnants of cranberry sauce. Always test the solution on a small region, and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s advice.

Getting Rid Of Gravy Stains

Many meals are never complete without gravy. Unfortunately, gravy always has a way of finding itself on pants, carpets, and upholstery. The stain removal process is as follows:


Begin by removing any excess stain. Follow up by using Oxiclean or any other enzyme stain remover to pre-treat the area. After removing the stain, wash the area and rinse using cold clean water. Prior to using the stain pretreater, always read the manufacturer’s instructions, and also test the solvent on a small area.


Scrape off as much gravy as you can. Sprinkle corn starch or baking powder on the region and let it stand for about 15 minutes. Use a fabric brush to clean the area. Sponge the stain using a clean cloth soaked in dry cleaning agent. Blot the region to absorb the solvent. Repeat the procedure until the stain disappears.


The procedure for stain removal on carpets is similar to that used on upholstery. You only have to repeat the process until the stain disappears, or the cloth no longer absorbs the solvent. For stubborn stains, mix one tablespoon dish soap, two cups warm water, and one tablespoon white vinegar. Use the solution to sponge the stain and later blot it. Do this until no more solvent is being absorbed or the stain disappears. Finish off by sponging the stained area with cold water and blotting it to dry.

Removal of Red Wine Stain

Red wine makes every party go down well. The same way it brings out the fun is also the same way it will standout on fabric, upholstery, or carpet. Do not worry though, with the following stain removal secrets, red wine stain will be no match for a good time.


Remove excess wine spill with paper towels immediately. Dust salt on the spot to stop the wine from setting. Lift of the red wine by pouring club soda. Soak up as much solvent as you can with a cloth. Spray with pre-treater and launder following manufacturer’s advice. You can use bleach on white fabric.


Similar to other stains, you start by blotting as much liquid as you can. Mix 2 cups cold water with 1 tablespoon dish washing soap. Soak a clean white cloth and sponge the area. Blot to remove the stain. Keep doing this till no more solvent is being absorbed, or until the stain is gone. After the stain disappears, sponge the area with a clean white cloth dipped in cold water and blot it to dry.


Blot as much red wine as you can. Soak a clean cloth dipped in plain water to sponge the stain and blot it. Alternatively, you can use a solution made up of 2 cups warm water, one tablespoon white vinegar, and 1-tablespoon dish washing soap. Sponge and blot the area sparingly until the stain is removed. Finish up by sponging with cold water and blotting it dry.

I believe you are now well armed with the right information. You can go ahead and enjoy yourself, for no stain can stand in your way!