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Quality Cleaning Service

What should customers know about a quality cleaning service?

To start with, there is no such thing as a “perfect” cleaning.  No matter who does the cleaning, if one looks hard enough, long enough… he/she will find a mistake.

There are differences in the way a professional cleans your house vs you.  A professional is not only looking for dirt, but is also looking for ways to make areas less “germy”.  For example, more people get sick from “the kitchen” and not the bathroom.

When the kids come home, when you come home, what is the first place you or they go?   Kitchen, and what surfaces get contaminated, touched, handled;  refrigerator, microwave, fork, spoon, cabinet pulls, drawer handles, sink, faucet, countertop, plate, glass, etc.

So, professional cleaners are trained to put as much emphasis, on kitchen cleaning as bathroom cleaning.

Trick to Keep Your Floors and House Cleaner


My name is Michael and I’ve been in the housekeeping business for 26 years. I teach pros the tricks of the trade. My tips are for teaching purposes only. Hope this helps.

Customers often complain that their floors gets dirty “way to fast”. I always recommend they (and you) use a quality “walk off mat” commonly known as a “rug” to capture up to 80% of the dirt that is tracked into your house.

Use a rug that allows as many foot falls as is reasonable. 4 foot falls is a good start, but if you can’t work in that size rug, then use a rug outside the door and a rug inside. Make sure every entrance is covered by a rug. Keep those rugs CLEAN. (little known fact: a rug can hold “and hide” it own weight in dirt) so clean it often. Periodically turn the rug upside down and vacuum across the back of the rug with the vacuum beater bar. You will shake the dirt out that has escaped deep into the rug. Then, vacuum up the dirt you have dislodged, and place the rug back in it spot.

Want to see a professional dirt collection system in place? Well, slow down when you enter a Sams Club, Walmart, or other retailer, and notice how they have set up their entrances to trap dirt before it gets into the store. It’s a LOT EASIER to clean a small entrance than a whole store.

What’s Hiding In Your Cleaning Products?


written by: Jeffton

(1) Must be a member of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International. Affiliation with such body ensures credibility and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

(2) Do not compromise quality services on low prices

(3) Owner-operated. This ensures that quality services and attention to details from the owner who cannot afford a bad name to his/her investment.

(4) Conduct background check on the criminal records of employees to avoid exposing clients to unsavory characters who might use the cleaning opportunity to omit acts of felony on clients’ properties.

(5) Pays their technician well and promptly.

(6) Cleaning services has a Liability and Workers Compensation insurance cover.

(7) The cleaning service is flexible enough to attend to a client’s need beyond the standard services offered so as to satisfy the client for unique job requirements.

Free house cleaning services for veterans each month

Cleaning For Heroes LogoAsheville, NC – Local Fire, Police and US Military Benefit Through Non-Profit Organization.

Giving honor to veterans and service members can happen every day of the year if you really put your mind to it. While many people enjoy long weekends and holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Veteran’s Day, one company decided that every day was worth giving honor, and decided to do something about it.

Designer Maid is a local maid service provider who serves residents in the areas of Asheville, Hendersonville and the surrounding counties. They are also serving local heroes all year long by providing free house cleaning services through Cleaning for Heroes.

Cleaning for Heroes is a non-profit organization that connects maid services across the nation to deserving individuals who have been injured or disabled in the line of duty. Cleaning for Heroes is dedicated to providing house cleaning services, at no cost, to disabled and/or elderly members of the United States Military, local police or fire departments.

Thousands of soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan are returning to civilian life with moderate to severe physical injuries. Disabling injuries such as loss of limbs, head trauma and debilitating injuries to arms and legs make it difficult for these men and women to meet the demands of everyday life such as cleaning and maintaining their homes. There are hundreds of thousands of other veterans from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War who also have disabling injuries.

Veterans’ organizations nationwide are trying hard to meet the needs of disabled veterans, but until Cleaning for Heroes, there was no organization dedicated to meeting the needs of this very deserving group of men and women by providing much needed house cleaning help. For some elderly veterans, the difference between having some household help and not having household help could be the difference between whether they get to stay in their own home or be forced into a retirement home.

For other veterans, it could mean the difference between staying at home after surgery or returning to the hospital because they were unable to maintain a sanitary environment in which to heal.

Designer Maid was one of the first companies to step forward and offer their help in the state of North Carolina.

Designer Maid has joined the ranks of professional residential maid services located nationwide that have elected to say “thank you” to deserving heroes for their sacrifices while protecting and serving our community and nation.

Designer Maid demonstrates to their community they are a compassionate and socially responsible business by agreeing to provide their professional services at no charge for at least two veterans each month.

Designer Maid provides the following cleaning services.

  • House cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Vacation rentals with laundry services available
  • New Construction Cleaning
  • Special Occasion cleaning
  • Recurring Cleaning (weekly, bi weekly or every 4 weeks)
  • Move in and Move out Cleaning

You may learn more about Michael and Shirley Wells, and about Designer Maid by visiting their business website located at

Designer Maid and Cleaning for Heroes is committed to promoting a healthy, clean home environment for our disabled or elderly community heroes and their families.

Based on the same concept that our nation’s heroes volunteered to serve their country and communities, Cleaning for Heroes is an all-volunteer effort that brings donors, providers and recipients together. Cleaning for Heroes relies on volunteers and donors who can contribute their time, money or services to the needs of their applicants. If you would like more information on how you can improve the lives of heroes in your community, or would like to apply for assistance, please visit their website at or call (401) 732-MAID

Cleaning Your House For Resale Gives it Higher Market Value

Written by: Warchild

From all indications, the housing market is bouncing back, but if reports by Reuters are anything to go by, the rate of this recovery is still too sluggish for comfort. Recent polls conducted by economists predict that the price of houses rose a meager 1% this year. Now, the big question begging for answers is, what is the right step to take to make your home finds a buyer very fast? The answer seems to be in home cleaning!

Recently, released a blog post titled: The Most Powerful And Low-Cost Way of Selling a Home Fast. According to the blog, a survey conducted in 2011 on 600 home realtors showed that about 99% of them felt it would be easier to sell a home after it has been given thorough cleaning and decluttering before being put up for sale. According to that same poll, about 586% return on the money spent on home cleaning and decluttering would be made. The blog post went further to say that according to home and housing professionals, a thoroughly decluttered and cleaned home sells within one month, as against the average 145 days homes that were not cleaned before being put up for sale stay in the market before getting being sold.


Naturally, the market worth of any home is determined by a number of factors such as the square footage, the location, the architectural designs, the age, and other features like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc, but the way a home is presented in the market goes a long way in determining whether it sells at the high price range or low price range. Increasing the speed at which the home sells also plays a part in its pricing. When a home stays for too long in the market without a buyer, it becomes less desirable to home dealers and buyers, and this results in price reduction.

Presenting a home that shows signs of good maintenance and cleaning saves the seller some money, which he would have paid to the buyer after the home has been sold, as cost for neglected home maintenance. Another important point worthy of note is the ability of old homes to sell at reasonable prices when in competition with new one. Old homes should look as fresh and enticing as the new homes in order to compete favorably and sell quickly.

With this point made, every home owner should consider de-cluttering and cleaning up his home before putting it up for sale as this would increase its market value, as well as its chances of being sold quickly. The moment you list your home for sale, it is important that you hire professional home cleaners to maintain your home and keep it in good conditions for as long as it stays in the market. When you do the necessary cleaning and staging, your home won’t stay long in the market.

When you put up your home for sale and keep getting low offers from buyers, or the home stays longer in the market than it should, you should consider hiring professional cleaners to upgrade your home to the best possible standards while you maintain your price. Even if you are not thinking of selling your home, your home deserves professional cleaning and maintenance in order to prevent damage to its facilities by molds, accumulated dirt, mildews, scratches, etc. The major idea is to give your home good cleaning for it to hit the market in a well maintained and neat state so you can get a better offer and sell very quickly.

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Back to School Tips that is Non-Toxic and Safe

written by: swapnamanoj

Non-toxic and safe back to school tips:

  • Cut down the use of harsh disinfectants at home: We all know there is a widespread use of harsh disinfectants at school classrooms. Though, you as a parent cannot prevent your child’s exposure to these harsh chemicals at schools, at least you can help your child by cutting down the use of such disinfectants at home, thus limiting the exposure to these chemicals. Harmful chemicals that go into making these disinfectants are prone to cause severe health issues ranging from skin, and eye irritations, respiratory ailments, hormonal imbalances, affecting the immune system and reducing fertility in the long run.
  • Use safe hand sanitizers: Washrooms in schools usually use soaps containing anti-bacterial agents like Triclosan and Ammonium Quaternary Compounds (Quats). Triclosan is a very popular anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. Triclosan is known to cause hormone disruptions, and also increases the risk of certain cancers like breast cancer. Quats on the other hand is prone to cause birth defects, infertility and even occupational asthma. Hand sanitizers with alcohol are not toxic, but most schools prefer not to use them. It is advisable to go for hand wipes or hand sanitizers from CleanWell, since they contain natural ingredients like thyme oil, which is a healthier choice to harsh chemical anti-bacterial lotions.
  • Go for PVC free Supplies for school: PVC is extensively used in school supplies like lunchboxes, files, clear bags, backpacks and organizers. PVC is also known as poison plastic and constant exposure to it can cause cancer, hormone imbalances, and can also damage your immune system. A PVC product can be identified by the number 3 recycling symbol. It is ideal to use products made from safe materials like cloth, paper, cardboard and wood. Choose metal or cloth lunchboxes, organizers made from paper, wood and cardboard.
  • Use BPA free re-usable water bottles: BPA is a harsh chemical used for hardening plastic products. BPA is known to cause cancer of the breast or prostate, early puberty and also genital malformations. One can prevent the harmful effects of BPA on our body by avoiding plastic bottles. Only go for bottles that are made from stainless steel or BPA free plastic bottles for kids at school.
  • Avoid Scented Markers and Pens: Fragrance found in these products are made from harsh chemicals and are highly toxic. Harsh toxic chemicals like phthalates found in fragrances are linked to infertility, asthma, increased risk of allergies, slow body development and reproductive malformation in boys. You can go for unscented markers, recycled pens and crayons made from beeswax or soy.

Just by following the above safe and non-toxic back to school tips for your children you can prevent your child’s exposure to harsh and harmful chemicals from the very young age.

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