Top 5 Tips on Modern Spring Cleaning

(Hendersonville / Asheville)


Who has the time, or the desire to do the old fashioned spring

cleaning? The good news is, thanks to cleaner heating and better filtration, homes no longer

need this degree of scrubbing. So, let’s look at “modern Spring Cleaning”!

1) clean dingy light globes in the dishwasher; handwash delicate glass globes in the sink

2) clean STAINLESS MESH filter hood screens in the dishwasher (NOTE!!!! never put charcoal vent filters in dishwasher, replace these filters)

3) shake that drape then vacuum with upholstery tool

4) clean carpet and rugs professionally and regularly

5) vapor clean the mattress and vac to freshen mattress and kill dust mites

Now here are some little known homeowner facts:

  • Regular vacuuming is more important than interim deep cleaning
  • Cleaning for APPEARANCE removes visible soil; Cleaning for HEALTH removes micro and bio contaminates
  • Carpet can hold it’s own weight in hidden dirt
  • Vacuuming is 3x more effective cleaning hardwood than dustmopping
  • A human hair is 70 microns; Pollen 20 microns; below 20 microns is invisible to us

Hope this helps!