Protecting Your Family by Cleaning Green

Green Cleaning Practices

Green cleaning practices are becoming more and more popular today, which can only benefit families and the homes where they live.

The use of eco-friendly and earth-conscious cleaning techniques, whether by homeowners themselves or by professional cleaning companies such as ourselves help in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for the family, including the pets, as well as ensuring that cleaning methods remain sustainable and do not harm the environment. 

Cleaning Services Tailored to Specific Needs

Eco-friendly cleaning companies offer tailored services that focus on the specific cleaning needs of their clients. We do not offer cookie-cutter services that will likely result to waste of cleaning resources, time and money for both the cleaning crew and the homeowners. A tailored service allows us to determine which cleaning procedures are needed for your home, what types of solutions are best suited for these procedures, and how they can be done to produce the most effective and sustainable results. 

Trained and Professional Crews

Our crews are composed of cleaning professionals who are experts are sustainable and green cleaning techniques. Our cleaning professionals recognize the advantages of going green, especially when it comes to the benefits that it provides to them. Safe, nature-based cleaning products that do not contain harmful chemicals keep our teams safe, which allows us to provide the best quality of service to clients. Cleaning teams are also prompt, professional and respectful of clients and their homes and they are trained to be completely thorough. 

Green Cleaning Products for Natural, Safe and Eco-friendly Cleaning 

We take pride in our commitment to green practices that not only make our procedures reliable and consistent but also provide a higher level of safety for both our cleaning crews and the clients and their families. Green cleaning products are safe for children and pets, do not leave toxic residues on household surfaces, and smell!. Aside from all these, green cleaning products and the use of eco-friendly cleaning procedures, such as water conservation and the use of green energy sources courtesy of our partners, allow us to maximize cleaning results while keeping our carbon footprint low. 

Thorough Cleaning Practices for Your Peace of Mind

We employ a comprehensive 50+ Point Cleaning Services Checklist to ensure that no nook or cranny is missed when we clean your home. Services such as kitchen cleaning, vacuuming, and sanitation of different types of surfaces are checked and rechecked so that you can come home to a house that is clean and smells great. We also offer recurring cleaning or maintenance services to ensure that your home remains clean and safe all year round. 

Green Partnerships for a Holistic Cleaning Approach

Arcadia Power Partnership

Concern for the environment is a top priority and this is reflected in how we work and the people that we work with. As part of our commitment to use green cleaning products and employ sustainable techniques, we team up with other companies that provide sustainable, alternative solutions for energy sources and products to mitigate our impact on the planet. Notable partnerships include our work with Arcadia Power at, a company that provides 100% wind energy for both residential and commercial purposes, which allows us to provide our cleaning services using a reliable power source while doing our part to save the environment.

Arcadia Power Logo

Better Life Partnership

Our partnership with Better Life at also gives us access to sustainable cleaning products that match our requirements for effective yet safe products. Better Life products do not contain any harmful dyes, alcohol, synthetic fragrances and sulfates, as well as any type of petrochemicals, substances that are linked to cancer, respiratory and skin irritations, problems with the nervous system, sterility and damage to certain home surfaces. Using their safe and green solutions, we are able to ensure that we leave your homes not only clean but safe.

A professional team of cleaners, reliable and safe practices, as well as eco-friendly solutions and products allow us to provide the best cleaning results that every home deserves. Our dedication to helping the environment by lowering our carbon footprints and the impact of each cleaning procedure also allows us to provide safe, healthy environments not just for our clients but for the rest of the world as well.

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