Common Questions From Our Customers

Below are answers to some of the common questions that our customers frequently ask. You are free to call us for further clarification or if you feel your query have not been addressed as you wish.

How Should I Prepare My House Before My Housekeeper Arrives?

After 31 years in the cleaning business, I have conceded that a person simply CANNOT pick-up and clean-up at the same time. That is why I always ask citizens of Asheville and Hendersonville to please remove as much clutter as possible; go through last weeks mail and sort, pay, and trash it; if the kids left all their clothes on the floor, ask them to pick them up and either fold/store, hang them up, or launder them; pick up and store pet food and pet toys, children's toys, excessive nic-nacs and pictures until we leave. Our goal is to do the very best cleaning we can for you, and your kind understanding is always appreciated.

As an aside, my wife, even after 31 years tells me to "clean up the house, the housekeeper is coming tomorrow". Now, I know she is not asking me to "CLEAN", she is politely telling me to put my "stuff back where it belongs", so our housekeepers can do their job.

I still enjoy the house cleaning business and like you, enjoy seeing a job well done!

Why does it take a professional cleaner more time to clean my house than it takes me?

The short answer is, you approach your home cleaning with a different goal than we do. If you look at the areas you clean and compare them to the areas we clean, you will see that you clean 1/2 of what we it only makes sense that it takes us longer, because we are cleaning more. So, in addition to the areas that you normally clean, we also dust, clean cobwebs, clean corners and edges, clean baseboards, clean door and window trim, blinds, ceiling fans, appliances, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and that's our short list.

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How often should my home be cleaned?

Read through the four examples and select the one that best describes you. Then CLICK ON "CLEAN EVERY............." and the site will redirect you to our FREE ESTIMATE PAGE.

Example 1: Recently out of school, possibly married, and starting a career. We are active and take advantage of every opportunity to be outdoors. We: Bike, Hike, Camp, Dog Walk, Run, Kayak. Cleaning is an afterthought for us. CLEAN EVERY 4 WEEKS

Example 2: We are actively pursuing our careers. We are established in the community, and we have young children. We always have after-school activities and homework, and we always seem to be on the run. We have no time, there's always: Soccer, Swimming, Chess, Track, Karate, Ballgames. CLEAN EVERY WEEK

Example 3: We are still on career pathways, but now we have one kid still at home. Our activity level has dropped significantly. We spend more time at home and we plan our weekends. CLEAN EVERY 2 WEEKS

Example 4: Our kids are gone. No more homework, no more school activities. We love our community and we volunteer and help others. We spend our time together and we do the things that we enjoy. CLEAN EVERY 2 WEEKS / POSSIBLY EVERY 4 WEEKS

Is it mandatory for the customer to provide a credit card number?

Yes. The company cannot proceed with a cleaning contract or assignment before obtaining a verifiable credit card from the client. The card’s details is kept on a file and cross-referenced with our internal software for the purposes of streamlining payment process, non-entry or working out cancellations. We make sure that all our clients receive all the relevant documents outlining the terms and conditions for engaging us. Additionally, the client is free to make cash payment or settle using personal checks.

What is the cancellation procedure?

Because we normally schedule our jobs for several days in advance, cancellations tend to create a host of unnecessary inconvenience to us as a company, both in terms of time and resources which having been committed cannot be expended after cancellation. To cover for the inconvenience of cancellation we charge the sum of $25. However, this cancellation fee can be waived if the client reschedules the job within five (5) days after the cancellation of the job.

Does the client have to be physically present when the cleaning work is being conducted?

No, not necessarily. 

However, it is usually a good thing to have the customer showing our team around and pointing out specific aspects of the cleaning assignment he/she wishes to have attended to or giving out some special instructions in person concerning that job.

The company’s supervisors will provide detailed report in writing to enable the client assess the work done with ease.

For those customers who are not in position to be physically present, it is necessary that they provide the company with keys, garage codes or any other necessary detail that will enable our team to access the work area with ease. The safety of our clients’ keys or codes is guaranteed as we keep it in a locked box with maximum security and readily accessible to the customers to whom the same can be made available at the earliest opportunity. 

Is it possible to always have the same team cleaning on separate occasions?

The company does endeavor to maintain the same crew for subsequent cleaning assignments involving repeat clients. However, it is not humanly possible to always maintain the same crew constantly. In the event that the crew comprises of a new member, efforts are always made beforehand to make sure that the relevant details of a cleaning assignment with regard to a repeat client are conveyed. However, the client is free to request the same team if he/she is impressed by the particular team’s services.

What are my options in case I need extra time?

If a client needs extra time the company can always accommodate him/her if he/she calls ahead in time to inform us of the same.

It would be a prudent step also if the client takes the initiative to inform us in advance of any activity in the house which might prolong the cleaning services. Events such as construction activity, painting job, addition of pets, holding of a large party and other activities of these nature should be reported early.

What do I need to supply to the company?

The client is not required to provide the company with anything as we come well stocked and fitted with our own materials and equipments required to complete a cleaning assignment. We use the best and quality products which are environmentally friendly and guarantee the safety of our clients. In case the client desires a particular brand or product which we do not have, he/she is free to provide the information to our crews who will follow client’s instruction to the letter.

What if I am dissatisfied with the services offered?

The company endeavors to ensure your full and complete satisfaction with the services we offer. After a cleaning job, the crew leader will always ensure that the client is given the first opportunity to inspect the work done for him to give his/her assessment in person. The client is free to bring to our attention any incidence or aspect of the cleaning job which has not been concluded to his/her satisfaction. Our team will always address the issue straight away. In case something was not done properly during a scheduled cleaning job, the client can call within 24 hours and the company will make sure the issue is addressed. We will also take note to ensure such occurrences are minimized in future.  

How are your rates calculated?

The company charges for its services by the hour or on scheduled work piece. For work done by the hour, the company will charge the client for the duration the cleaning crew spends on the client’s assignment. On scheduled assignment the company will charge a flat rate but the time limit for such work will not be exceeded. For any additional work, the client can always arranged with the office for extra time to be allocated for the extended work which will be charged hourly.

Is the client at liberty to determine the time and day for conducting the cleaning?

The client is free to choose whichever day and the time that he/she would like the cleaning to be done, however openings are subject to availability. Our appointments begin at 9AM in the morning. We do make a point of calling our customers to alert them of our arrival at least one hour in advance of the scheduled cleaning time. Our teams will always alert customers about their arrivals if any delay is anticipated or not.

written by: Jeffton


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