Hospital Approved Approach for Cleaning

Designer Maid does recurring house cleaning either weekly, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks. For some, the cleaning schedule is simply a personal preference. But we, as professionals, tend to look at family dynamics as strong indicators for the cleaning schedule. Whether weekly, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks, Designer Maid utilizes a "hospital approved approach for cleaning"....which means clean everything (within reason), including baseboards every time, ceiling fans every cabinets every time, etc etc So, let's dig into family dynamics.

Family 1: We're out of school, possibly married, and we're working our 1st career path job. We're having trouble keeping up with our mountain biking, hiking, camping, fishing, dog walking, running. This could be an every 2 week or every 4 week cleaning schedule, depending on the pet hair.

Family 2: We're both actively pursuing career pathways, becoming established in the community, and we have young children. They are elementary school to high school age. I go out the driveway and turn Left, my spouse turns Right. I drop the children off, he/she picks them up. We always have after-school activities and homework. There's soccer practice, chess club, track, horseback riding, karate and the high school Friday night game..........all with a dog at home. We try our best to be home by 6 o'clock, because if not, it's pizza night again, and it's your turn to pick it up. This is every week.

Family 3: We're both still on career pathways, but now one kid is married, one in college and one in high school. "God have mercy on him, the shepherd is no longer alive". (Designer Maid is pet friendly, and we know from personal experience how devastating a companion loss can be). The activity level has dropped significantly and is more manageable. We spend more time in the kitchen fixing what we like, and it isn't fast food. There is less foot traffic in the home and less hair. This is every 2 weeks.

Family 4: We're alone, our kids are gone. We're fully concentrating on our careers. Two kids are married and one just started his/her career. We help the kids out from time to time, but they are pretty much self-sufficient. We love it when they all come home, but we understand they have a life and we're happy for them. No more homework, after school activities, Friday night school events. We love our community and do things to help others. We could do our own house cleaning, but we want to spend more time with each other and do activities together. This is every 4 weeks.

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